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Crafted in San Francisco from grapes sourced from neighboring world-class California vineyards, Frísco is double distilled on a traditional copper pot still in small batches, followed by a unique charcoal mellowing – a technique rarely used on this type of spirit. The result is a clean, full-bodied, yet delicately smooth taste complemented by floral overtones and suggestions of tropical fruit. It is then bottled by hand and ready to be enjoyed on its own or mixed into your new favorite cocktail.


The Frísco Making Process



We use California muscat grapes to make Frísco. The grape has light fruity tones while providing Frísco with that full body roundness that makes for such a perfect combination. Distilled spirits are only as good as their raw ingredients so we constantly strive to source the best california grapes available. Being close to the grapes is an important part of our process as we aim to keep a minimal carbon footprint. 



Converting the grapes into wine is the part that yields the magical ingredient, alcohol. The muscat grapes are crushed and fermented into wine. The wine is fresh, unaged, and unoaked which preserves the fruity, floral flavors of Frísco.


During distillation the wine is distilled  which concentrates the flavor and alcohol. Distillation uses heat to separate compounds with different boiling points. The alcohol evaporates out of the wine and goes into the top of the still where it is condensed back into a liquid state. The skill of distilling is choosing what to discard and what to keep. The spirit is distilled twice on a copper still to give it a clean, full body. The spirit is then aged in stainless steel, to preserve the intrinsic fruit flavor.



Frísco was created to be something enjoyable and unique, a new take on an old classic. The taste has floral scents, echoing something tropical. The full body adds depth to any cocktail. Perhaps the most amazing part about Frísco, is the clean and smooth finish. We suggest trying it on the rocks with some soda or water to open up the flavor or mixing it into your favorite cocktail.


Frísco is our bold new American take on Pisco, the classic grape-based spirit native to Chile and Peru. A wholly new easy-drinking mashup like nothing you’ve ever tasted. World travelers, adventure-seekers, and those who appreciate crafted quality goods, embody the spirit of Frísco. We’ve managed to get a high proof with a low burn that is flavorful enough to open up the doors to creative mixes. Bartenders and seasoned mixologist in different countries have already begun experimenting with Frísco and we can’t wait to share with you the creative recipes we are receiving. We hope you keep in touch and watch as our new product grows, evolves and innovates. Please send us any awesome concoctions you come up with as well!